Andrea Sabatino feat. Vince Abbracciante – Melodico (ENG review)

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Andrea Sabatino feat. Vince Abbracciante – Melodico (ENG review)

This album release, characterized by its gentleness and poetry, is the work of two Italian musicians, trumpeter Andrea Sabatino and accordionist Vince Abbracciante. The duo offers a reinterpretation of eight songs that have marked the history of Italian music: “Cos’hai trovato in lui” by Bruno Martino, two big hits sung by Mina such as “Noi due,” written by Alberto Testa and Augusto Martelli, and “Brava” by conductor, composer, arranger, and lyricist Bruno Canfora, “La strada” by Nino Rota, the original soundtrack of Federico Fellini’s eponymous film, “Ho capito che ti amo” and “Angela” by Luigi Tenco, “L’ultima occasione” by Jimmy Fontana, and “Un giorno ti dirò” by Gorni Kramer, a song made famous, among others, by crooner Nicola Arigliano.
“The music of this album is a rare flower, born of the passion, creativity, and care of Andrea Sabatino and Vince Abbracciante. The choice of songs, judicious and very original, serves as a springboard for a series of high-level improvisations,” emphasizes Enrico Rava in the cover notes. “It is an immense pleasure to see Andrea’s journey, who, since I met him 10 years ago, has gone from an emerging and very talented trumpeter to a mature and very interesting musician, with enviable control of the instrument and an extraordinary sense of melody. It is also an opportunity for me to get to know a unique and extraordinary musician like Vince Abbracciante. It is a journey into the great Italian music that we felt the need for.”
The Italian and European roots are evident, and the genius of these two artists lies in their ability to create a cinematic setting from track to track. It is difficult not to appreciate such a craftsmanship of music, a sculptor of sounds, and not to be captivated by this proposal that can only touch any art lover. “What impressed me the most is a young Italian from Puglia: his name is Vincenzo Abbracciante. In every piece, he took me on a journey and moved me,” said Richard Galliano about him (Jazzman, 2005).
Certainly, jazz is present; the trumpet jazzes up the tracks while the accordion sets the stage. If one might initially think that these two instruments form an odd duo, one is completely mistaken. Currently, I only know another equally brilliant accordionist capable of carrying such a project, my friend Maxime Perrin. It is also worth noting that the mixing of this album is a pure marvel, the work of Marco D’Agostinis.
Undoubtedly, for the editorial teams of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move, it is deemed as an “Essential.”

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, January 3rd 2024


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