Omega Infinity: new song “Saturn” via Invisible Oranges

PARIS-MOVE, March 12th 2020 – OMEGA INFINITY, the new project of Xenoyr (NE OBLIVISCARIS) and Tentakel P. (TODTGELICHTER), have teamed up with INVISIBLE ORANGES for the premiere of their third single “Saturn”.
Listen to the song HERE
OMEGA INFINITY comment: “Today you will face the devourer of worlds, the end of all, the planet eater – Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the third emanation from The Void: Saturn!”

The band’s debut album ‘Solar Spectre’ will be released on March 27th and can be pre-ordered in the Season of Mist shop HERE

Track List:
1. Uranus (01:56)
2. Mars (07:05)
3. Venus (03:46)
4. Jupiter (07:26)
5. Sol (05:24)
6. Neptune (06:46)
7. Saturn (04:19)
8. Terra (03:50)
9. Mercury (02:59)
10. Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell (KILLING JOKE cover) (04:29) *
Total: 0:48:00

*Bonus track only on digipak

OMEGA INFINITY: two words that embody the unimaginable blackness beyond the known universe, the endless cycle of birth and death, of creation and destruction.

Founded as a studio project by Tentakel P. in 2018, after his long-term band TODTGELICHTER was put on ice indefinitely; OMEGA INFINITY’s purpose was to serve as an outlet to his own musical and conceptual vision, something that would have been deemed too dark and aggressive for his main band. Joining him is a vocalist who was not only able to convey the extreme notion and versatility required for this, but who also has similar limitations in his own main band, Xen of Australian Progressive Metal shooting stars, NE OBLIVISCARIS.

Music firmly rooted and inspired by Black Metal of the 90‘s with furious blastbeats and cacophonous, spherical guitar lines, the main concept and lyrics transcend the limitations of this style as OMEGA INFINITY stands for something that is far greater, ancient or powerful than any god or demon humanity has invented; the darkness between galaxies – the equivalent of cosmic darkness – the Nothing beyond existence – The Deep Dark Void.

The debut album ‘Solar Spectre’ marks the beginning of an immersive journey through our solar system and beyond. Encountering the fierceness and fury of the red colossus Mars, our own terrifying yet miraculous existence on Terra or the vastness and coldness of Neptune, OMEGA INFINITY transforms each of these traits into versatile and entrancing compositions.

‘Solar Spectre’ will only be the start of the duo’s explorations into The Deep Dark Void. Are you ready to voyage into the unknown?

Xenoyr – Vocals
Tentakel P. – Everything

Guest musicians:
Marta (TODTGELICHTER, VYRE): Female vocals on “Venus” and “Neptune”
C.Kolf (VALBORG, OWL, GRUENEWALD a.m.m.): Clean vocals and screams on “Mars” and “Jupiter”

Recording studio:
Instruments: Deep Void Studios
Xenoyr’s vocals: Troy McCosker, Audio Ninja Studios
Marta’s vocals: Siegmar Pohl, Dying Lizard Studios
Christian Kolf’s Vocals: Studio 308
Producer / sound engineer: Tentakel P., Deep Void Studios
Mixing studio and engineer: Tentakel P., Deep Void Studios
Mastering studio and engineer: Markus Stock, Klang

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