Nocturnal Graves re-release ‘Satan’s Cross’ album and demo

NOCTURNAL GRAVES are re-issuing their debut album ‘Satan’s Cross’, which will include the original demo as bonus tracks!
The full-length will hit the stores on December 8th 2017.
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The Australian old school death metal wrecking crew have employed renowned painter Paolo Girardi (INQUISITION, MANILLA ROAD, HIEROPHANT) to produce the amazing recreation of the original cover art, which can be viewed below.

Track listing:
1. Aggressive Exterminator
2. Rotten Cremation
3. Skullthrone
4. Whore of Sodom
5. Nocturnal Maniac
6. When the Demons Feast
7. The Pestilence Crucified
8. Satan’s Cross
9. Nocturnal Maniac (demo)
10. Whore of Sodom (demo)
11. Skullthrone (demo)
12. Rotten Cremation (demo)
13. When the Demons Feast (demo)
To order your record – on line Shop: HERE

NOCTURNAL GRAVES are re-releasing their cult album debut, ‘Satan’s Cross’ (2007). The Australian old school aficionados have added the 2007 demo tape featuring the same title and some of the tracks in earlier versions to this reissue.

NOCTURNAL GRAVES were formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. Two well received demos, ‘Profanation of Innocence’ and ‘Deathstorm’ followed in the same year. Quickly scoring a record deal, the band officially released the ‘Necromancer’ 7″ in 2006 before unleashing their debut full-length ‘Satan’s Cross’ the following year.

The Australians hit Europe in 2009 and celebrated the event with ‘The Gravespirit Sessions’ split. Former DESTRÖYER 666 and RAZOR OF OCCAM guitarist Shrapnel as well, as drummer L.W. joined in 2012.

NOCTURNAL GRAVES widely extended their international fanbase with the release of sophomore album ‘…From the Bloodline of Cain’ (2014), which resulted in an invitation to the 2016 edition of Maryland Deathfest and more shows in the US. The band supported the tour with a limited 7″ EP ‘Sharpen the Knives / Lead us to the Endless Fire’.

The cover art of this re-issue is a stunning recreation of the original artwork by renowned painter Paolo Girardi (INQUISITION, MANILLA ROAD, HIEROPHANT).

Currently, NOCTURNAL GRAVES are getting ready to conquer the world with their forthcoming third full-length to be released in 2018 on Season of Mist.

Recording line-up:
Nuclear Exterminator: drums, guitars, vocals
Regan Destruktor: bass

Current line-up:
J. – bass, vocals
Shrapnel – guitars
Decaylust – guitars
L.W. – drums