Metal Blade Records signs Skull Pit and debut album in the fall

Metal Blade Records signs Skull Pit, featuring Mem V. Stein and Tatsu Mikami, and they announce the debut album to be expected in the fall.

Metal Blade Records is happy to announce the signing of Skull Pit, a new band featuring the talents of Mem V. Stein (Exumer) and Tatsu Mikami (Church Of Misery)!

Skull Pit is a tale of two musicians from opposite sides of the heavy metal spectrum and the planet. One hailing from Tokyo/Japan, the other from New York/USA, and meeting each other in cyber space in order to strike up a friendship and musically celebrate the spirit of their youth.

Comments Skull Pit about signing to the Blade: “We are beyond excited to have signed to Metal Blade Records, as they are the original metal merchants since 1982. Our style of music could not find a more fitting home, as Metal Blade is best suited to release our music in terms of tradition, vision and our expression of heavy metal.”

Prior to writing and recording Skull Pit’s debut album, founding members of Exumer, Mem V. Stein, and Church Of Misery’s, Tatsu Mikami, corresponded for some years online due to their mutual love and respect for each other’s band, before embarking on their own joint venture.

The two veterans endeavored to combine their favorite elements of bands like Motorhead along with the countless outfits of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal into one blistering and highly energetic album.
The songs on Skull Pit’s debut are a clear departure from what Exumer or Church Of Misery usually sound like. Stepping away from Exumer’s lighting fast rhythms and Church Of Misery’s slowed down Iommi-inspired riffs, Skull Pit creates melodies in the vein of 70s hard rock and 80s NWOBHM with Lemmy’s punk attitude.

The debut album will drop in the fall of this year. Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

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