Malted Milk – A Little Bit Of Soul – Concert au New Morning

PARIS-MOVE, August 21st 2023 – In 2024, we will witness the grand return of the finest French blues group, Malted Milk, led by Arnaud Fradin, who tirelessly travels the roads and is acclaimed wherever he goes.

We have just laid our hands on their first single, and it’s Malted Milk that has grown and matured like a fine old whiskey, still managing to surprise us. With a soul that’s increasingly American, it’s certain that if Malted Milk were to come here to the USA, they would drive quite a few people crazy.

This album, set to arrive in 2024, claims to be a tribute to the soul music of Memphis. There’s no doubt that it will be yet another magnificent album. Malted Milk has the gift of building artist loyalty within their group, and this is undoubtedly a part of their success.

Album : Malted Milk – A Little Bit Of Soul
soul-blues-funk – Blues Production / Mojo Hand Records / Modulor
Daydream Music / Cashmere Prod / Street Date September 8th 2023

Malted Milk website

Attention, on September 14th, Malted Milk will be performing at the New Morning in Paris. A concert not to be missed, and undoubtedly a magical moment recommended by Bayou Blue Radio.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News