INSANITY ALERT stream entire album ‘666-pack’

Thrash metal outfit INSANITY ALERT are premiering their entire new album ‘666-pack’ via Invisible Oranges.

Listen to the full album HERE

INSANITY ALERT comment: “We are extremely proud to unleash our 3rd full-length record upon the masses of crazy thrashers. It’s an ugly, brutal crossover party-machine, but it’s our beer-guzzlin’, weedsmokin brainchild that deserves all the love in the world”.

The cover artwork and the tracklisting of ‘666-pack’ can be found below. The cover has been created by Mark Riddick.

1. Thirstkiller (01:13)
2. The Body Of The Christ Is The Parasite (01:44)
3. All Mosh / No Brain (01:33)
4. Cobra Commander (02:39)
5. Saturday Grind Fever (01:01)
6. Echoes Of Death (02:04)
7. Windmilli Vanilli (01:00)
8. Stop….Slammertime! (00:08)
9. Why So Beerious? (01:49)
10. Mosh Mosh Mosh (00:47)
11. One-Eye Is King (In The Land Of The Blind) (02:37)
12. Welcome To Hell (01:47)
13. Two Joints (01:14)
14. Chronic State Of Hate (02:13)
15. I Come / I Fuck Shit Up / I Leave (01:26)
16. A Skullcrushin’ Good Time (02:17)
17. The Ballad Of Slayer (00:06)
18. Demons Get Out! (02:18)
19. 8 Bit Brutality (00:07)
20. Death By Wrecking Ball (01:11)
21. Dark Energon (03:10)
Total Duration: 32:24

INSANITY ALERT confirmed live shows 2019 hereunder :

31 Jan 19 Stuttgart (DE) Juha West
02 Feb 19 Innsbruck (AT) Treibhaus
22 Feb 19 Nürnberg (DE) Kunstverein
23 Feb 19 Lindau (DE) Club Vaudeville
14 Mar 19 Rennes (FR) Mondo Bizarro
15 Mar 19 Liévin (FR) Liévin Metal Fest
16 Mar 19 Dommarien (FR) La Niche
12 Apr 19 Oberursel (DE) Taunus Metal Fest
02 May 19 Lyon (FR) Rock ‘n Eat
03 May 19 Montaigu (FR) Les Rhinos Féroces Festival
04 May 19 Toulouse (FR) Usine à Musique
05 May 19 Montpellier (FR) Secret Place
11 May 19 Vienna (AT) Vienna Metal Meeting
20 Jun 19 Uttenhofen (DE) Aargh Festival (Exact date tba)
21 Jun 19 Clisson (FR) Hellfest (Exact date TBA)
03 Jul 19 Trutnov (CZ) Obscene Extreme (Exact date tba)
19 Jul 19 Ahlimbsmühle (DE) Headache Inside Festival (Exact date tba)

Thrash outfit INSANITY ALERT are the kind of people who know what to bring to a party: a big dose of humour with a dash of darkness, party tunes, and a six pack. It’s these ingredients that make up the basis of the band’s third full length record, ‘666-pack’.

The world of INSANITY ALERT is a dark yet happy place. Fast, aggressive music, crazy lyrics about alcohol, rage, weed, ignorance and hate, all drenched in an 80’s hot sauce but played with a 2019 attitude. The band emerged from the Austrian city of Innsbruck in 2011, with only one intent: deliver crushing, crossover party thrash.

A tongue-in-cheek concept backed up by strong musical prowess worked out extremely well as ‘First Diagnosis’ proved in 2012. This demo was welcomed with open arms and the first impression of the public quickly confirmed by ‘Second Opinion’, which came out the year after. In 2014, debut album, ‘Insanity Alert’ delighted critics and fans alike and was reissued four years later by Season of Mist. The wild Tyrolians, always eager to please, next served a juicy ‘Moshburger’ (2016).

With ‘666-pack’ the band proves once more to be an unstoppable force. Whether it is dropping a to-the-point, crossover track such as “The Body Of The Christ is The Parasite” or INSANITY ALERT-esque interpretations of classics like “Saturday Grind Fever”, the groove will have you headbanging in no time with a smirk on your face. Having confirmed their first festivals for 2019 and riding the wave of the thrash metal revival, INSANITY ALERT can’t wait to return to the stage and share (a) 666-pack with you!

Style: Crossover Party Thrash

The Dave of Death – Guitar
Don Melanzani – Drums
Heavy Kevy – Vocals
Marcy Brownnose – Bass

Recording line-up:
The Dave of Death – Guitar, Bass
Don Melanzani – Drums
Heavy Kevy – Vocals

Cover artwork: Mark Riddick
Recording studio: Nautilus Sounds Studio (Dornbirn, Austria)
Producer / sound engineer: Toni ‘Meloni’ Loitsch
Mixing studio and engineer: Toni ‘Meloni’ Loitsch
Mastering studio and engineer: Mammoth Sound Mastering, Dan Randall (USA)

Facebook page: HERE