Ossy Pfeiffer, Anca Graterol and Steve Mann launch new band, IGNORE THE SIGN.
Debut album out February 23rd, 2018!

IGNORE THE SIGN, the new Hannover, Germany based band surrounding vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ossy Pfeiffer, guitarist/ vocalist Anca Graterol (Rosy Vista) and MSG guitarist Steve Mann, release their debut album “A Line To Cross” in February 2018.
The group also includes Lars Lehmann, renowned as studio bassist with British rock legend UFO and member of ex-Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth’s band, as well as percussionist Momme Boe and Eloy-drummer Kristof Hinz.

Ignore The Sign has unmistakably benefited from its members’ wide range of different influences. A self-professed Beatles fan, Ossy Pfeiffer (“following Johann Sebastian Bach, The Beatles are the origin of music to me”) is responsible for the material’s great melodiousness and catchiness, with Anca Graterol adding colour and spiritedness to the arrangements. Steve Mann brought along a tougher, almost metal-oriented guitar attitude. The multi-faceted style and unerring feel for bouncing funk grooves of bassist (and lead vocalist on the song ´God`) Lars Lehmann brings to mind the early Whitesnake musician Neil Murray, while the rhythm section surrounding Kristof Hinz and Momme Boe contributed the songs’ dynamics and polyrhythms.

You can feel that this band brings a breath of fresh air to the scene, consisting of a wide range of different talents and blending extensive musical experience into a homogenous musical whole. Ignore The Sign points the way with its uncompromising commitment to traditional classic rock music that couldn’t be more timeless.

By February 2018, when the debut arrives in the stores, this musical genre will be represented by a full dozen additional significant tracks – the debut album “A Line To Cross” will be available on February 23rd, 2018 as CD digi, 2LP, download and stream.


1. Saviours Of Rock 3:49
2. A Line To Cross 5:11.
3. No Way Home 4:18
4. Brother 5:09
5. The Story Isn’t Over 3:59
6. When Words Ain’t Enough 4:52
7. God With A Million Faces 4:33
8. Sweet Lady 2:59
9. Days Of Thunder 3:36
10. Behind The Wall 4:38
11. Can’t Find The Door 3:58
12. Silver Wind 5:00
13. Looking In The Sun 5:35
Cover and artwork by Tristan Greatrex (UFO, Vinnie Moore, Lionheart etc..)

(photo by Martin Huch)
Official Facebook page: HERE
Official web page: HERE