HYPNO5E: l’album “A Distant (dark) Source” en écoute intégrale


PARIS-MOVE, November 22nd 2019 – L’album “A Distant (dark) Source” de HYPNO5E vous est proposé en écoute intégrale ici, via le site PARIS-MOVE.

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Et attention, édition limitée de ce LP: “Vinyl Colour – Beer & Brass A-Side / B-Side w/ Beer & Brass Splatter” (Limited to 300 copies!)
Dans quelques jours il sera “collector”!!!

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Line up:
Emmanuel JESSUA – Guitar, lead vocals
Jonathan MAUROIS – Guitar
Gredin – Bass, backing vocals
Théo BEGUE – Drums

Hypno5e was formed by Emmanuel Jessua and Thibault Lamy. Emmanuel had been working on Hypno5e songs for a long time, during his stay in Mexico in early 2000. Inspiration came from a need to translate his youthful years in Bolivia into music and using that like a journal, the musical transposition of a deep melancholia he felt. A melancholia that grew with each city crossed out and left behind.

Today Hypno5e are reckoned pioneers of French cinematographic metal, fusing a unique blend of ambient spheres and progressive metal with South American influences.