HIEROPHANT kick off European Tour

HIEROPHANT will kick off their European mini-tour with US-death metal outfit BROKEN HOPE with a show at Netherlands Deathfest at the O13 in Tilburg tomorrow. The Italian death fanatics have also announced further appearances at the Polish Into the Abyss Festival and this year’s edition of the Outch Fest in France.

Please see below for a list of all currently scheduled concerts:

03 Mar 18 Paris (FR) Gibus Club
04 Mar 18 Lyon (FR) Warm Audio
05 Mar 18 Cordenons (IT) Rock Town
06 Mar 18 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert

02 Mar 18 Tilburg (NL) 013 (Netherland Deathfest 2018)
10 Mar 18 Wroclaw (PL) Into the Abyss Festival
27 Mar 18 Longeau-Percey (FR) Outch Fest

HIEROPHANT are touring in support of their current album ‘Mass Grave’, which is streaming in full via YouTube HERE

HIEROPHANT commented: “Our new album, ‘Mass Grave’ is the result of two years spent collecting disgust and constant disappointment towards humanity and transforming this feeling into music. We are more than proud of that. Check this full record stream now.”

The artwork of ‘Mass Grave’ was created by the renowned Italian painter Paolo Girardi (INQUISITION) and can be viewed below.

1. Hymn of Perdition
2. Execution of Mankind
3. Forever Crucified
4. Mass Grave
5. Crematorium
6. In Decay
7. Sentenced to Death
8. The Great Hoax
9. Trauma
10. Eternal Void

Darkness comes crushing down like an avalanche of despair, misery, and pain. While an undercurrent of harsh brutality is tangible within each note, there is also a black void clawing at sanity and trying to drag all emotion into the lurking abyss. HIEROPHANT conjure a bleak sonic landscape on their fourth full-length ‘Mass Grave’.

HIEROPHANT were conceived in the classic Adriatic city of Ravenna in the Emilia-Romagna in 2010.

The band quickly left a mark as one of the leading exponents of extreme Italian music. A first self-titled full-length was released in the same year as their founding and the band started to constantly play all over Europe. HIEROPHANT were also picked up on the other side of the pond. Following the EP ‘Son of the Carcinoma’ (2013), their sophomore album ‘Great Mother: Holy Monster’ (2013) was also released in North America.

Several tours and festival performances later, the Italians showed no sign of relenting. Their third full-length, ‘Peste’ (2014) rather increased the band’s massive sonic impact, amalgamating sludge, black and death metal as well as a manifest punk attitude.

Now HIEROPHANT take their extreme brand of hard music a step further with the ominously titled ‘Mass Grave’. No pink unicorns here.

Lorenzo: vocals, guitar
Ben: drums
Steve: guitar
Giacomo: bass, backing vocals

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