HELL MILITIA: new song, “Dust of Time”


PARIS-MOVE, January 19th 2022 – HELL MILITIA announce new album and release new song, “Dust of Time”. After nearly a decade of silence, French underground black metal band HELL MILITIA have now returned with a brand new album, titled ‘Hollow Void’.

The first song of the new record is now streaming at the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel.
Feast your ears upon “Dust of time” HERE

The band’s new full-length will be released via Season of Mist Underground Activists on March 18.
Pre-orders are available HERE
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The band comments: “10 years have passed since the release of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and the more things change, the more things stay the same. “Dust of Time” is the first song to be presented and it is a diary of all events that took place in the years that have passed since. It is a summary of bitter days, unshakable religious faith, urban filth, decay, death worship and an extremely bitter aftertaste.”

1. Lifeless Light (04:21)
2. Genesis Undone (04:22)
3. Dust of Time (05:47)
4. Within the Maze (04:09)
5. Hollow Void (04:57)
6. The Highest Fall (05:18)
7. Kingdoms Scorched (04:54)
8. Veneration (04:39)
9. Corruption Rejoice (05:50)
Total: 44:17

Genre: Black Metal

RSDX – Vocals
Arkdaemon – Guitars
Saroth – Guitars
S. – Bass
Dave Terror – Drums

Guest musicians: Meyhna’ch (ex-Mutiilation, ex-Hell Militia, former vocalist) Guest vocals on “Corruption Rejoice”

Recording studio: Drums recorded at Studio De Saint-Loup, all other instruments, mix, and mastering done at BST Studio
Producer / sound engineer: BST Studio
Mixing studio and engineer: BST Studio
Mastering studio / engineer: BST Studio