GLORIOR BELLI: new album ‘The Apostates’

GLORIOR BELLI unleash second track from forthcoming new full-length album ‘The Apostates’.

GLORIOR BELLI are streaming the second single taken from their forthcoming new album, ‘The Apostates’, which will be released on April 6th, 2018.

The French black metal veterans are now premiering the track, “Split Tongues Won’t Atone” HERE

GLORIOR BELLI comment: “Weed out the weakness and bring in the beast… When a man’s enemies are those of his own household, he has reached the last trial of his faith and patience. We apostates are wisely inspired, when we speak of the truth, every accent is as a tongue of fire that no cunning hands can put out; a voice which awakens the most fierce flame!”

1. Sui Generis (5:48)
2. Deserters of Eden (4:09)
3. The Apostates (6:35)
4. Bedlam Bedamned (5:43)
5. Hangin’ Crepe (5:10)
6. Jerkwater Redemption (4:10)
7. Split Tongues Won’t Atone (5:21)
8. Runaway Charley (4:37)
9. Rebel Reveries (5:51)
Total playing time: 47:27

For those who believe in deities and religion, an apostate is often far more despised and hated than followers of other creeds. The Greek word denotes a person who falls off and demonstrates that it is possible to leave the old faith behind to boldly go new ways and therefore shatters the image that any belief carries an undeniable ultimate truth. This defiant act is quite rightly identified as a threat to organised religion as others might follow the example and therefore was and is severely punished by excommunication or even death especially by monotheistic fanatics.

GLORIOR BELLI deliberately pierce this religious taboo with the title of their forthcoming seventh full-length, ‘The Apostates’, which should be understood as programmatic on many levels. Musically the French continue to grow out of their black metal roots, but each new song branches further outside the confines of stylistic orthodoxy. From the tell-tale opening “Sui Generis” to the unashamed heavy rock imbued title-track, GLORIOR BELLI obviously do not conform or bow down to any set of “rules” some self-proclaimed genre judges might try to impose.

GLORIOR BELLI emerged from the anger-ridden suburbs of Paris in December 2002. Their first statement of existence was a symbolic demo entitled ‘Evil Archaic Order’, which was released in June 2004.

From the raging, raw ferocity of their 2005 debut, ‘Ô Laudate Dominvs’ to their much praised 2007 release, ‘Manifesting the Raging Beast’ and further on to ‘Meet Us at the Southern Sign’ (2009), the French stalwarts steadily recalibrated their compass, moving exponentially forward towards the grim magnificence to be found on their fourth full-length, ‘The Great Southern Darkness’ (2011).

With a new deal under their belts, GLORIOR BELLI released fifth album ‘Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls’ in autumn 2013. This record has been described as a captivating mix of bluesy, heavy grooves, and some thickly distorting sludge. Yet their sixth opus, ‘Sundown’ (2016) came with another twist by redefining darkness again on the band’s own terms.

GLORIOR BELLI have always stayed true to the diabolical principles of black metal while carefully avoiding its most mind-numbing clichés. The band’s lyrics and themes reveal a recurrent penchant for rebellion and poetry.

With ‘The Apostates’, GLORIOR BELLI make a bold musical statement that reconciles the sound and tradition of black metal with a thirst for individualism and innovation. Don’t take these words on blind faith, listen for yourself!

Recording line-up:
Billy Bayou: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, music & lyrics
Arthur: bass, backing vocals

Current line-up:
Billy Bayou: vocals, guitar
Arthur: guitar
Marco: bass
Rodon: guitar
S.: drums

Guest musicians:
Frédéric Gervais: backing vocals on “Hangin’ Crepe” and “Rebel Reveries”
Marco: backing vocals on “Runaway Charley” and “Rebel Reveries”
Jérémy: backing vocals on “Rebel Reveries”

Recording, mix, mastering:
Frédéric Gervais at Studio Henosis, France

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