English and Football Summer Camp in England

English and Football Summer Camp in England

English and Football Summer Camp in England

The ACCORD ISS English and Football Summer Camp in England offers many unique benefits and advantages for teenagers and juniors who want to combine learning English with developing their football skills.

Why choose this English and Football Summer Camp in England?

Immerse Yourself in English
By fully immersing yourself in an English language environment, you will gain fluency and improve your communication abilities rapidly. The qualified teachers help you build vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, and conversational skills through interactive lessons.

Develop Your Football Talents with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy England
Under the guidance of the experienced football coaches, you’ll hone your technical skills, fitness, game strategy, and sportsmanship during daily training sessions. Gain exposure to new drills and techniques to bring your game to the next level. The football programme is not just any programme because it is that of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy England.

Experience British Culture Firsthand
Staying on a campus surrounds you with teenagers from many different countries and all of you will have to speak English, especially as during the afternoon Football programme you will train and play with English kids. After your English and Football Summer Camp in England you will have many new friends from around the world… and from England.

Gain Independence and Confidence
By traveling abroad without your parents, you’ll become more independent and develop important life skills. Our caring staff provide supervision while allowing you freedom to explore your interests. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime!

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Hear from Past Participants:

“This program gave me confidence speaking English and improved my football so much.” – Alberto, Italy

“The coaches taught me new football tactics I’m using on my team back home. My English is much much better and I really grew up a lot.” – Juliette, France

Juliette…? Yes, as the English and Football Summer Camp in England is open to boys and girls!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the daily schedule?
The days are structured with English language classes in the mornings and football training in the afternoons. There is also time set aside for activities in the evenings and weekends.

What supervision is provided?
Teens and juniors are supervised by an experienced staff 24/7 during the English and Football Summer Camp in England.

What are the accommodations like?
Teens and juniors stay in safe and comfortable dormitory rooms on the campus. The campus provides all meals each day.

Is any experience required to participate?
No prior experience with football or English is required. The program welcomes students of all skill levels! Instruction will be tailored appropriately.

Don’t wait and contact ACCORD ISS right away to reserve your place in the English and Football Summer Camp in England with the very attractive Paris Saint Germain Academy England football programme.

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