DISCONNECTED: un nouveau projet signé Adrian Martinot

DISCONNECTED est le nouveau projet imaginé par Adrian Martinot (connu pour son travail au sein de Melted Space).

Les principales influences du groupe se situent quelque part entre Alter Bridge, Gojira, ou encore Deftones.
Le côté ambiant de la musique le dispute à la lourdeur des riffs, surplombé par un chant anglais versatile qui allie lignes de voix claires et saturées.

Le groupe entrera en studio dès Novembre 2017 pour enregistrer son premier album avec François- Maxime Boutault (Behemoth, Loudblast, Dagoba…).
Sortie prévue: Mars 2018.
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Genre: Modern Metal

Membres du groupe:
Adrian Martinot : Composer/Guitars
Ivan Pavlakovic : Singer/Songwriter
Aurélien Ouzoulias : Drums
Romin Manogil : Guitars

Ville d’origine: Troyes (France)

Maison de disques: Apathia Records
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DISCONNECTED is the brand new project imagined by Adrian Martinot (wellknown for his work within Melted Space).

The principal influences of the band are somewhere between Alter Bridge, Gojira and Deftones.

The ambiant side of the music is balanced by some kickass heavy riffs, witch blend perfectly with the versatility of the vocals (clear voices and screams).

Disconnected really is the reunion of talented musicians :
Adrian Martinot (lead guitar-Melted Space),
Aurélien Ouzoulias (Drums-Mörglbl Trio, Satan Jokers, Zuul Fx, Ron Thal, Patrick Rondat…),
Ivan Pavlak (vocals-Heavy Duty),
Romin Manogil (rythm guitar).

The band we’ll be recording is first album in october with François-Maxime Boutault (Behemoth, Loudblast, Dagoba)

Release planned for the beginning of 2018
About Melted Space (from the official website HERE):

Initiated by pianist and composer Pierre Le Pape, from the city of Troyes, MELTED SPACE stands as the first metal opera created in France having the air of a huge choral fresco. It gathers together numerous musicians, as well as female and male singers from both the national and international metal scene. This powerful metal yet very refined approaching the essence of movie tracks and embracing various influences – from Within Temptation to Dimmu Borgir -, has seduced a pretty wide audience. MELTED SPACE’s music is inspired by traditional symphonic metal but is also rooted in the black and death metal scenes depending on the characters concerned or the action that is taking place. Metal here is serving the story that Pierre is telling us.

Created in 2007, MELTED SPACE originally was an instrumental project from Pierre Le Pape. Under the thumb of his electro-acoustic teacher, Pierre created a universe of its own which can be described as a potential ultimate step in Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

The first record totally self-produced and completely instrumental laid the foundations of MELTED SPACE’s renown but its successor “From the Past” really pushed the name further.

Gathering 26 musicians, renowned female and male singers, “From the Past” received rapturous articles and one of the most enthusiastic welcome. In view of the very positive responses from both the critics and the public opinion, we can state that MELTED SPACE did it!

Following this success, Pierre didn’t stop there and started to compose an album entitled “Between” which was released in May 2013, Season Of Mist and PlasticHead Distributions handling French and European distribution. MELTED SPACE had gone further again as Pierre hired two singers of worldwide renown to interpret his songs: Liv Kristine (lead singer of band LEAVES’S EYES, ex-THEATER OF TRAGEDY) and Ashmedi (singer of band MELECHESH). There have been unanimous feedbacks again stating MELTED SPACE is now meant to compete with the biggest productions!
After these two records of international aura, it was time to give MELTED SPACE’s music a live sound. Pierre hired five talented musicians to go on tour with him as main support act of THE OLD DEAD TREE’s last tour in October 2013: this tour was a success, establishing MELTED SPACE as a promising band. This is a great motivation for Pierre and his team for the new projects: tour, festivals as well as a new album which will welcome some of the most famous names of the international metal scene! They make this new story alive where fairies, demons and magic mixing up like an Hollywood fresco!

Lively choruses, catchy melodies, powerful sound… Each song gathers all the elements to make this album a classic of the genre!