DEWOLFF: video for “Yes You Do”


PARIS-MOVE, October 31st 2020 – DEWOLFF: video for “Yes You Do” and new album “Wollpack” out on February 5th 2021. DeWolff return with the video for a brand new song ‘Yes You Do,’ featuring Ian Peres (ex-Wolfmother) and singer-songwriter Judy Blank. You can wrap your eyes around the video!

DeWolff – Yes You Do (Official Music Video): HERE

The kaleidoscopic warriors have been hunkered down in the studio over the summer for their WOLFFPACK recording sessions. In their Utrecht bunkers, during the global lockdown, brothers Pablo and Luka van de Poel and Robin Piso have been probing the annals of rocks byways and backstreets, experimenting with hazy soundscapes, fizzing riffs, marauding organs, infectiously free-roaming melodies and all tied in with an undeniably DeWolff sound. Liberators of the funky groove, they’re riding the highways swerving in an out of 70s soul-funk, fuzzed-up psychedelia, swamp-rock and haunting melancholia, all the while under a blanket of an aural assault of desert heat sunshine.

With the modern powers of technology, several guests passed through the proverbial doors of the sessions. For ‘Yes You Do,’ former Wolfmother bassist Ian Peres lays down some low-slung heaviness around the trio’s swirling fusion of soul, psychedelic and funk with Dutch singer-songwriter Judy Blank joining in on the action on vocals for a five-pronged party.

“It was the first song we finished.” The band say. “We wrote it in a Zoom meeting! Pablo had some parts of song lying around, and we put it all together, adding a break and a solo and whatnot here and there.”

Continuing they say, “Pablo and Luka recorded the basics together on tape: this was the third take! Robin recorded his Hammond and epic synth intro and solo at home. Then we sent it to Ian Peres. We met him back in 2013 in Mullumbimby, Australia, where we had one epic jam together. Ian was playing with Wolfmother at the time, and fortunately we kept in touch afterwards: we knew he was THE man to play bass on Yes You Do. His bass playing will totally blow your mind! And if that ain’t enough, we asked the great Miss Judy Blank to sing background vocals.”

Would you like to hear some more new music? Yes, you do? Excellent, of course you do. More to follow on that soon, but for now listen to this delicious 6-minute slice of goodness.

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