DEATH DECLINE: vidéo “Silent Path”


PARIS-MOVE, November 10th 2021 – DEATH DECLINE News: Vidéo pour le titre “Silent Path” et annonce du nouvel album “The Silent Path” disponible le 12 novembre via M&O Music!

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Lyrics :
Into the maelstrom of voices,
Scratched by the thousand calls,
Of the unseen tormentor.
Quartered by the purpose of all these lives,
slipping on me like sandpaper.
I must prevail, against the crowd to preserve my sanity.
Drowned in this maze, blinded by the gaze of the fools raised before me.
Each time I found a way toward my peace, toward my inner tranquillity,
relentless waves crash around me, transient pictures , shards of parasites minds inside my head.
An endless fight, against this breed, slaves to the dogmas, trap(p)ed in their half living.
Roads fade away into shade and blur, I must focus, and follow the silent path.
Through the legion of ghosts, my will turns to steel, my eyes at the horizon,
hide the smouldering rage .
Grey hall and empty space, prison for this laborious race.
Constrained by the thousand calls, of their madness creators.
Consumerism tyranny,
obliteration of self identity.
Children blinded behind their screen, within me rises their voiceless heartbreaking scream.
In silence, i follow my path, a mixture of fear, hatred and grief obscures my soul. All these wasted lives, of this wasted race, my breed, where is your dignity ?
Maybe the times has comes ?
Or is it already done ?
To rush towards the darkness.
Abandon your beliefs, spit at the faces of gods.

At the edge of our time, facing a hideous titan,
created by our societies pernicious inertia.
Somes apes slowly awake, burn the tree in silence.
Avert their eyes, and join the silent path.