CONNOR SELBY: vidéo “I Shouldn’t Care”


PARIS-MOVE, December 13th 2022 – CONNOR SELBY: voici la vidéo du titre “I Shouldn’t Care” et notez que le nouvel album Edition Deluxe “Connor Selby” sera dispo le 3 mars 2023 via Provogue/ Mascot Label Group. Cette nouvelle version incluera 4 bonus tracks, dont ce titre, “I Shouldn’t Care”.

A commander ICI

I Shouldn’t Care – LYRICS:

I shouldn’t care, the way that I do
I should’ve learnt not to put my trust in you
I should’ve seen, what everyone else could see
But I’m a fool in love, and that’s all I’ll ever be

I shouldn’t have cried, all of those tears
I shouldn’t have wasted, all of those years
I gave you so much, and yet you just took from me
You left me on my own, but I was too blind to see

Well now it’s time, to take back my life
And find me someone to treat me right
I gave you your chances, but you just didn’t care
That’s why I’m through with this whole love affair

I’m through with you, baby
(yes I am)
I’m gonna find me somebody
Somebody to treat me right

Track Listing:

I Can’t Let You Go
Falling In Love Again
If You’re Gonna Leave Me
The Man I Ought To Be
Hear My Prayer
Show Me A Sign
Waitin’ On The Day
Starting Again

I Shouldn’t Care (Bonus Track)
Love Letter To The Blues (Bonus Track)
My Baby Don’t Dig Me (Bonus Track)
The Deep End (Bonus Track)