Blaze Of Perdition signs to Metal Blade Records

Great News: Polish Black Metal warship Blaze Of Perdition signs to Metal Blade Records!

Blaze Of Perdition Photo by Kontamination design autorship

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of Blaze Of Perdition, one of the leading forces of the unstoppable polish Black Metal scene.

Blaze Of Perdition comments: “We are thrilled and honored to become part of the label with such an undeniable input into the history of metal music. We’re hoping for a long and fruitful cooperation, which will begin with our fifth full-length album that’s already shaping up and will bear the name ‘The Harrowing of Hearts’.”

Blaze Of Perdition was founded in 2007 by guitarist XCIII and started its activity by releasing a split CD, In the Void and Serpent, the Spirit is One, with the Russian band Pseudogod. The band’s line-up changed numerous times over the years, however XCIII and Sonneillon remained the source of all musical and conceptual content. November 2nd, 2013 turned out to be fatal as the band’s bassist died in a car crash on tour, and the vocalist Sonneillon became unable to participate in live activities due to his serious injuries; however, he remained important in the band’s creative process and responsible for the studio vocal recordings, lyrics, graphic design as well as contact with the media.

Blaze Of Perdition recorded four full-length albums and is currently working on the fifth one, planned for release in 2019/2020.

–In the Void and Serpent, the Spirit is One (2009) – Split with Pseudogod (Ru), Putrid Prophet Productions

–Towards The Blaze Of Perdition (2010) – Full-length, Putrid Prophet Productions

–The Burning Will Of Expansion (2010) – 7″ EP, Pagan Records

–The Hierophant (2011) – Full-length, Pagan Records

–Necrosophist (2013) – 7″ EP, Pagan Records

–Accession Of Fire (2013) – Split with Erebus Enthroned (Aus), Pagan Records

–418 – ATh IAV (2013) – Split with Devathorn (Gr), Third Eye Temple

–Near Death Revelations (2015) – Full-length, Agonia Records

–Conscious Darkness (2017) – Full-length, Agonia Records

Blaze Of Perdition studio line-up:
S. – vocals
XCIII – guitars
M.R. – guitars
DQ – drums

Blaze Of Perdition live line-up:
Wyrd – bass/vocals
XCIII – guitars/backing vocals
M.R. – guitars
DQ – drums

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