AUGURY: “Illusive Golden Age” out March 30th

AUGURY: Legendary Montreal Progressive Death Metal Group announce “Illusive Golden Age” album out March 30th 2018 through The Artisan Era!

Montreal-based progressive death metal legends Augury recently announced their comeback in the form of their 3rd full-length, “Illusive Golden Age”. Set for release on Friday, March 30th through The Artisan Era. “Illusive Golden Age” is certain to be one of 2018’s most memorable death metal records, and a strong return to form from one of the modern eras most influential progressive death metal acts. Today AUGURY partnered with Invisible Oranges to launch the albums dense and ferocious second single, “Carrion Tide”, and it’s HERE

You can also check out the AUGURY first single, “Mater Dolorosa” which premiered through Decibel Magazine HERE

Invisible Oranges says regarding “Carrion Tide” and “Illusive Golden Age”:
“Canadian tech-death quartet Augury has been silent for nine years, lying cautiously in wait, ready to pounce at the most opportune moment. Now, the time is nigh: Illusive Golden Age, their upcoming third full-length, strikes with all the brain-bending riffs, layered blasts, and harrowing growls associated with their name.”

“Its focal points include the opening blast chorus and resulting vocal ascensions, not the dizzying guitar calisthenics or spasmodic drumming which instead serve more as structure than anything else. That said, Augury tactically dole out aggression half-way through the song, but then the anger disperses into the ether with a wild solo’s lead-in to soft, jazzy playing. Opting not to charge like a locomotive, the band pirouettes delicately instead, without sacrificing any of the hard steel. The talent lies in how to shift so much mass so quickly and accurately without fat-fingering it. “Cumbersome” is not a word in Augury’s dictionary; instead, “Carrion Tide” (and the rest of Illusive Golden Age) is entirely lean and clean.”

Augury is:
Patrick Loisel – Vocals, Guitars
Mathieu Marcotte (Humanoid) – Guitars
Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (First Fragment, ex-Beyond Creation) – Bass
Antoine Baril (Contemplator) – Drums

Pre-orders for “Illusive Golden Age” are now live:

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