Founding KISS guitarist, solo artist, and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley has premiered an all new bonus track titled “Hard For Me” today. The track will appear on a reissue of his 2009 album “Anomaly” re-released as “Anomaly Deluxe” coming out on September 8th 2017 via Steamhammer/SPV.

“I think this new edition of the album is great – a special treat for the fans,” says Frehley. “And, with the bonus tracks, they’ll get a little more insight into how the album came together.”

Among the new tracks are two previously unreleased demos: “Hard for Me,” which was later reworked into the album’s “Foxy and Free” and an early take of “Pain in The Neck,” different in tempo and arrangement from the final version. Also included is the previously digital-only Anomaly bonus track “The Return of Space Bear.”

“Anomaly Deluxe” will also feature enhanced album art, a new live poster, and extensive liner notes by rock writer and Ace Frehley historian, Ron Albanese (including track by track commentary by Frehley)!!!

Between live shows in the United States, Frehley is writing for his next album, and reveals that sessions have included working with Gene Simmons for an expected 2018 release.

“I am writing for my next studio album,” he begins, “Gene came over my house to write – it went fantastic. In a matter of three hours, he and I came up with two new songs for my (next) record. I’m thrilled.” The occasion was momentous for another reason: “it was the first time I have worked with him while I was sober,” he reveals, “and it was a pleasure.”

“Anomaly-Deluxe” will be released on September 8th 2017 through Steamhammer/SPV as CD digipak, 2 LP picture discs, download and stream.

1. Foxy & Free 3:41
2. Outer Space 3:46
3. Pain In The Neck 4:08
4. Fox On The Run 3:30
5. Genghis Khan 6:06
6. Too Many Faces 4:20
7. Change The World 4:08
8. Space Bear (extended) 5:37
9. A Little Below The Angels 4:14
10. Sister 4:46
11. It’s A Great Life 3:58
12. Fractured Quantum 6:17
13. Hard For Me (previously unreleased) 3:42 bonus track
14. Pain In The Neck (slower version, previously unreleased) 4:46 bonus track
15. The Return Of Space Bear (first time on CD) 5:47 bonus track