ACCUSER: video for second single, “Time For Silence”

Accuser releases lyric video for second single, “Time For Silence”, from new album ‘The Mastery’!
German Thrash legends Accuser will release their new album “The Mastery” on January 26th 2018 via Metal Blade Records. Accuser comments: “2017 has been quite busy for us, as we wanted to come back with a bang and to present you a more than decent follow up to ‘The Forlorn Divide’. For us, ‘The Mastery’ is the essence of what Accu§er is all about. It definitely feels like the angry newborn child of ‘Who Dominates Who’ and ‘Repent’. We just hope all you thrashers out there are going to enjoy this record as much as we do!”

For a preview of The Mastery, the 2nd single, “Time For Silence”, can be heard HERE

The first single, “Mission Missile”, can be streamed HERE

The record can also be pre-ordered HERE in the following formats:


–180g black vinyl

–aubergine marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)

–black purple splattered vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 100 copies)

–pastel pink/violet marbled vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 160 copies)

Accuser has been in a constant songwriting mode during the past year. Combined with the energy and spontaneity from several live shows, the songs came to fruition very quickly. Together with long-time producer Martin Buchwalter, they made the record in the summer of 2017 at well-known Gernhart Studio (Destruction, Tankard and many more).
For the band, The Mastery is the missing link between the technical virtuosity of their classic album Who Dominates Who and the more basic, heavy approach of Repent – making it their best album since their comeback in 2008. The Mastery contains all of the elements that define the Accuser sound: heavy, chunky thrash riffs, aggressive vocals with a touch of melody – in addition to the high class guitar solos by youngster Dennis Rybakowski. When it comes to the lyrical side of their songs, Accu§er still raises their voices to denounce social grievances.

Accuser line-up:
Frank Thoms – vocals/guitars
Dennis Rybakowski – guitars
Frank Kimpel – bass
Olli Fechner – drums

Official Facebook page: HERE